The Legitimate Reasons to Hate LeBron James

This time last year, LeBron James was a well-liked superstar. But much has changed and now, in June of 2011, virtually all of the world's sports fans detest him. Yet, many seem to be joining the Hate LeBron James bandwagon because it is hip, trendy, and in vogue. That is problematic for those of us who disliked him from the moment The Decision aired and he left for Miami. It is ok to take sides and vehemently dislike someone-particularly an elite athlete-but you should have a compelling reason for that hatred. So, what are the legitimate reasons for hating LeBron James?

  1. He Believes He is Better Than You
    As he showed in his post-Finals loss press conference, LeBron James does not sweat losing the Finals because he knows that he can go back to his palatial home and millions of dollars while most of the fans that hate him will go back to their recession-fearing, often debt-ridden lives. He believes that his wealth, fame, and athletic prowess make him better than them. While many professional athletes and celebrities likely feel that way, most of them have the decency not to say it out loud. His very public disdain for most basketball fans is a strong reason to dislike him.
  2. He Doesn't Understand How Important Fans Were to His Success
    Back when his Q score was high and he was one of the best liked athletes in sports, LeBron James' flaws were hidden behind a screen of loving Cleveland fans. His hometown fans built him into something of a local deity, which masked his arrogance and made him millions of dollars in endorsements. It also earned him the love of many basketball fans around the globe. But James never understood how important those fans and their support were to his success, which he attributed purely to his athletic skill and basketball acumen. He showed that incomprehension and disdain when he flipped off his millions of loyal Cleveland fans on live television without warning and left them in the cold to take his talents to South Beach. The bottom line is that athletes owe their fans and their cities for their success, fame, popularity, money, and general livelihood. Without them they would be nothing. So when James forgot that and treated his loving supporters with colossal disrespect, basketball fans the world over earned the right to dislike him in return.
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  4. He Didn't Want to Compete and Win on His Own
    Sports fans always respect athletes who stay and work hard until they win it all on their own. Why is Michael Jordan so loved and respected by nearly every fan in the world? He is loved because he stayed in Chicago (despite several offers for more money from the New York Knicks) and got over the hump after several heartbreak playoff losses to the Pistons. Fans often struggle every day and they strive to find life parallels with their athletes. Ninety percent of the country (or more) may have been rooting for Dallas because they hated the Heat but many (myself included) also wanted to see Dirk Nowitzki, Jason Kidd, Shawn Marion, Tyson Chandler, PejaStojakovic, and Jason Terry all win rings after years of struggle. When LeBron James decided he wanted to take a shortcut and skip the struggle to win a title the easy way, he lost the respect of nearly all sports fans. Those fans wanted him to earn it and going to South Beach to create a superteam together with his supposed rivals represented everything about modern sports and athletes that most fans dislike. If you take out the struggle and the human triumph, then sports is just a set of rules and a ball. James forgot how much the inherent struggle to win means to fans and will continue to pay the price.
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    Hate LeBron James
    Miami's LeBron James in Atlanta Hawks 98-90 loss to the Miami Heat at Philips Arena in Atlanta, GA.

  6. He abandoned a struggling city that needed him
    Perhaps it was not fair for the world to pin all of Cleveland's hopes on one teenager from nearby Akron. But when James tattooed Chosen one on his back and made millions of dollars by marketing himself as Cleveland's savior, he took on that burden. Cleveland was almost singlehandedly reviving behind James' efforts; its downtown was growing again around the stadium, its citizens felt a newfound source of pride, and there was a large economic bright spot developing. James made millions off that but then just pulled the plug on it one day by deciding to leave for Miami. When he pulled that plug and left without a warning or goodbye-but took every dime of his money with him of course-he earned the hatred of every Cavaliers fan and the disrespect of every sports fan who believes in living up to your responsibilities.

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So, listen folks: don't hate LeBron James because it's cool or trendy. He's done plenty of wrong to deserve your disdain but please, please find a good reason and stick to it. That's because, despite his mistakes, he will be around to be booed for quite a while longer.

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