7 Reasons Why Athletes Succeed in Sales

There are a number of traits and characteristic that are common with athletes that would also help them have a successful career in sales. There is no question that the sales industry is extremely competitive, this means you must have this competitive edge in order to be successful. You must also be self-driven and willing to put in the hard work required to be successful. These are all qualities possessed by former athletes who are entering the work force. Whether you grew up watching baseball or keeping up with soccer on sporticos, being an athlete can be a great experience.

Sales agents cannot be satisfied with being mediocre. If they are, another person will come along, be more effective and essentially steal their job. However, when athletes are hired as sales representatives, they bring with them a number of traits and qualities that are not offered by the average employee. Here you will find seven reasons why athletes do so well in the sales industry.

They are confident

Athletes develop confidence in their skills when they are on the field or track. This confidence transfers over to other areas of their life, as well. The ability to look at a tough sales situation and know that you will do well is essential for making it in this industry.

They are competitive

A competitive nature is the true life-blood of the athletic experience. Athletes will gain experience and understanding related to both winning and losing and they look forward to the opportunity to test their abilities in future matches. A competitive nature is essential for succeeding in the sales industry. You have to be willing to go that extra mile that other sales agents don’t even attempt to reach. This competitive nature will help you gain more sales in the future.

They are goal oriented

Making a sale means knowing the goal and going for it. Athletes also have a strong goal orientation – to win. When they don’t win, they evaluate what went wrong and make adjustments so they will have a better chance of being successful in the future. The ability to block out distractions while working toward a goal is also extremely beneficial when joining a sales team.

They are team oriented

Even though athletes are extremely competitive, they also know how beneficial it can be to work on a team. If they are lax in one area of sales, then someone else on the team can handle this aspect. This team mentality allows more to be accomplished in a shorter period of time than working on their own. Athletes also understand when it is time to put their own ego aside and take action that is best for the team as a whole.

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