What to Look For in Custom Clubs

Feb 06, 2014

Custom golf clubs can be a great addition to your game. Customization can mean a lot of things. Customization is getting easier to find with golf clubs as online shopping has become more common and accessible. Custom Cleveland wedges are a great example of custom clubs that are easy and painless to get. Sometimes it's as simple as entering parameters in an online interface. The following are some of the best custom options to look for if you're interested in custom clubs.

Monogramming is perhaps the oldest form of club customization, and it's certainly the easiest to find, but it's far from easy to overlook. Having a monogrammed set of clubs with your name or company logo can be a great confidence-booster at the tee, on the fairway and on the green. Many sportsmen find that they have an easier time identifying with the game if they can identify with their clubs.

Clubs sized for you are another great option. Most clubs are sold at standard lengths. These are always best-guesses on the parts of the designers to make sure they're covering as many bases at once with who will be able to use their clubs. There's no reason to gamble or adjust yourself for the club lengths, though, when it's so easy to get some that will be perfect for you.

There are a number of options on the market for customizing your clubs. This is just two of them. Take a look at what's available, even through a web interface. You might be surprised!

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