The Top Ten Athletic Facilities in the U.S.

by Paul Grossinger
(New York)

Can you guess the top athletic facilities in the United States?

Storage in College Athletic Facilities

If you guessed the Ivy Leagues, home to America's best academic schools, you would be dead wrong. Nope, the best athletic facilities belong to some of the strongest up-and-coming schools in the country.

Clemson, now one of the nation's best football programs, owns the best athletic facilities in the nation. Perhaps it's not surprising and the school continues to pull in some of the best high school recruits in the country.

The University of North Carolina, home of America's best basketball program, owns a place on the list. Auburn, the 2010 BCS Champion, Louisville and Ohio State, two of the few schools with strong basketball and football programs, Virginia Tech, Alabama, and Duke round out most of the rest of the lists.

That said, there are two or three big surprises on the list. To find out who they are, check it out!

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