The 5 Weirdest Pieces of Sports Memorabilia Ever Sold

We sports fans are a cultish lot. We're reared from a young age with a cultish fanaticism for our favorite sports teams and stars. We all follow their exploits religiously on the internet and sports channels, we feel their dizzying career highs and mourn their lows. We stick with them through thick and thin, wearing our dedication as a badge of honor, and we all yearn to be a little closer to the sporting icons whom we so admire.

As such, it's no surprise that an entire industry has arisen around the need for sports fanatics to take home a little piece of sporting history. Check out the website of Hollywood Collectibles and you'll see more than just Hollywood memorabilia, but a range of autographed jerseys and baseball cards.

There's feeding your fandom, however, and there's just plain weird and you'd be astonished at some of the lengths fans have gone to in order to take home a little memento from their beloved sports stars. Here are some of the weirdest things ever sold in the name of sports memorabilia...

Tim Hudson’s dirt

Tim Hudson's dirt

Celebrated pitcher for the San Francisco giants Tim Hudson had a long and storied career before he retired in 2015. He cultivated a vociferous and dedicated fanbase, which explains why even unsigned pictures of Hudson from his Atlanta Brave years sold for $70-$100. By far the most bizarre piece of Hudson memorabilia, however, was some framed dirt which sold for $100 on eBay. It didn't even come from his uniform or cleats, it was just a random dirt sample from a diamond he played on.

David Oritz' beard

Most people would probably think twice before investing 5 figure amounts in discarded facial hair… But those people aren't Red Sox fans. When the MVP of the red Sox's 2013 World-series winning team shaved off part of his playoff beard for Movember, the momentous occasion was bound to draw interest… but who would have thought that the depilated keratin would sell for a staggering $10,877?

Robert Griffin III's plaster cast

Back in 2012 Washington Redskins fans were anxious to see what would come of rookie quarterback Robert Griffin III. The Japanese-born Texas native didn't disappoint although his early career was mired by injury. He nonetheless retained a legion of loyal followers. How loyal? One fan bought his sweaty plaster cast (signed by his teammates) in 2014 for $1,522. One can only imagine what that ‘investment' must smell like now.

Luis Gonzalez' Bazooka bubble gum

You've got to hand it to baseball fans, they're certainly committed. It turns out a sprinkling of dirt isn't the most bizarre thing a baseball fan has paid good money for. In 2002 an admirably committed fan scooped Luis Gonzalez' gum off the floor after a game in which he played for the Arizona Diamondbacks. The selling price for this chewed, saliva soaked filled lump of xanthan? A cool $10,000.

Andre Agassi's pony tail

Andre Agassi's pony tail

While he would later embrace his male pattern baldness, tennis superstar Andre Agassi hid his shiny spots throughout the '90s with a blonde tinted wig that remains one of the great mullets of sporting history. The fact that said mullet was fake didn't diminish it's value, however, with Robert Earl paying thousands for Agassi's ponytail to display in his Official All-Star cafe in New York.

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