State of Officiating in the NBA

by Kory Kinslow

With the NBA now concentrating on complaints and technical fouls it seems that things are going to be very touchy this year. I truly hope that the tread started in the pre-season won't continue throughout the regular season. So far it's been ok. I like their seemingly new look on making sure that the looking in on walking and the pushing in the paint are going on are being called. The technicals are fine as long as they are called evenly on both teams. I used to referee High School Basketball and I can say that it is very tempting to call techs. The thing is you just get so wrapped up in it and when someone starts yelling at you about the job you are trying to do, sometimes the juices do get flowing. I hope that these officials who are payed top dollar will make the professional decision of keeping from blowing the whistle unless it's really needed. I think the questioning of the officiating has cleared up since the gambling and throwing of games scandal a few years back, but let's just hope that they keep investigating and keeping a close eye on these people.

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