How Many Medals Australia Win In Every Olympics

By Adeline Erwin

How Many Medals Australia Win In Every Olympics
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Athletes participate in world Olympic Games from different countries and these Olympic Games bring medals for worldwide players. Australia is one of the best countries that always wins a couple of medals in different games. Basketball, tennis, long meter races, badminton, squash and many other games are won in large number from the time Australia started participating in the Olympic Games.

If you want to know how many medals Australia wins in every Olympic, you have to go in flashback and consider its history. Since 1952 when Edwin won Gold medals, Australia continued a long successful history. Let’s have a look at list of medals Australia won during the past Olympics.

Flashback of Australia Olympic Medal History:

Before you observe the list of medals in past Olympic Games you should know why Australia is so powerful in getting medals and what the popular sports are.

Why Australia has a Successful Medals History?

You must be thinking this in mind that Australia entire history is filled with medals and a sports culture is prominent in this area. The reason is that it is the 53rd largest country of the world in terms of its population and people are much indulged to play sports. The most famous sport of this area is swimming and Gold medals are won in this game mostly. If you think that athletes need to get a graduate diploma in athletic performance then you are wrong. Any player having skills and stamina can win and beat opponents. The other sports include field hockey, cycling, sailing, rowing and equestrian.

How Many Medals Australia Win In Every Olympics
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An Overview of Australia Medal History

Until now Australia won 432 medals combining both summer and winter Olympic Games.  131 Gold, 137 silver and 164 bronze medals are recorded overall. In the beginning, Australia did not get too many medals but with the passage of time every coming Olympic brings more excitement for the players and they put efforts to get medals.

  • 1896 – 1936: If we have a look at the  history of first Olympic held in Athens for the Olympic held in Berlin in 1936, we will see that Australia did not cross a number 7 overall. Combining all gold, silver and bronze it won 7 medals during 1900 in Paris.
  • 1942 – 1972: In 1948 Olympics were held in London and here Australia won 13 medals overall. Later on the success number increased up to 35 in 1956. Every year the medals number was different. Sometime Gold medals were large in number and sometimes bronze. From 1948 to 1972 sequence of winning medals in consecutive Olympics was, 13, 11, 35, 22, 18, 17 and 17.
  • 1975- 2008: Then the medals were increased and during the 2000 Olympics held in Sydney Australia won a maximum medal that is 58 throughout his history. This year was the best year for the sport activities because Australia hosted the Olympic Games and ranked on the 3rd and 4th number in getting medals. Throughout 1975 to 2008 Australia won above 40 medals each time including all the games.
How Many Medals Australia Win In Every Olympics
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From above data it is clear that number of medals won in every Olympics is not same. It depends on the physical fitness and skills of the players that how well they perform in any Olympic. We cannot estimate any number of winning medals for the coming year.

Author Bio:
Adeline Erwin is a fitness coach and health enthusiast living in Australia. She conducts free fitness classes for seniors at her neighborhood's community center.

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