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Football is considered the most popular and fun loving game in the USA. Due to its popularity, it is also known as American football. There is no doubt in saying that this sport has great popularity worldwide. It is commonlyfamous as Soccer football. Let's rush to the small streets and huge stadiums to feel theenthusiasm and the infatuation of NCCA or FIFA everywhere.

Football is played in colleges, universities and schools. It is liked by professionals and the students alike. When different universities/military academy, comprising student athletes, and teams play football, it is considered as college football. The category of this sport has developed immensely over the years. It is all because of college play that USA football has got recognition worldwide. The increasing fame of college football has made it the top-ranked selling game in the America. For this reason, discounted college football tickets are selling like hot cakes throughout the year.

While considering the fame of college football, it is noted that it is the most leadingsports tradition today. People belonging to this industry and other thousands of sports lover worldwide follow the sport. Although the very unique method and different in rules of play, the starting of football is placed in the rugby claimed by researchers and historians. However, there are different similarities can be noticed in rugby and football. Rugby is the English sport that was played by the famous Rugby boys in England in 1800s. Soccer is another parallel game to which football traces its root. Soccer emerged in England in early 1820s.

It was the history behind the conversion of Rugby to the American football. During the 19th century, football becomes the most popular game, but it grew increasingly violent too. Due to this reason, National Athletic Association was developed. It set the new rules to govern the sport. Then, NCCA had decided for the athletes in college not get wages, unlike football professionals. However, many athletics receive financial aid and scholarship from the University.

The teams of college football are categories into conferences and divisions under the supervision of NCCA. It categorised it based on the qualification, location and the size. Throughout the year, all teams depend on each other in various championship tournaments. NCCA held the Division I;II and III whereas the high-level division play tournament.

The most famous college football championship is the BCS (Bowl Championship Series). However, NCCA does not support the BCS tournament as it belongs to the FBS Division I and only takes part in the Bowl Games hosted by it.

Presently, the excitement and the thrill of the college football is at its peak. Thousands of the colleges/universities or military academy play this game in different NCCA leagues. Sports fans worldwide always look forward to their game heroes. There is nothing much popular as catching the spirit of football lives in the playground. Whenever there is the availability of discounted college football tickets, they sell out very quickly. It is recommended for sports buffs to catch their pick as soon as possible.

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