Cowboy Tradition?

by Kory Kinslow

Can Jason Garret bring back the Cowboy tradition? He has proven he can win some games and that he can get the team to play harder. Can he get the old swagger back though? I wonder if he will bring that way and mannerism in which the Cowboys used to conduct themeselves in ball games with. There was a thing about being a Cowboy that made them so confident and made them feared. If you played the Cowboys you knew you were in for a tough game in the trenches. You knew they had style. You knew you were up against a talented team on defense. You knew you would face a team that had more talent than you at the skill positions. There was just something about them that struck fear in playing against them. Now they have this enormous stadium with this gigantic screen and all, but no one fears or respects the team on the field. If he can't bring that back in the next couple of weeks, he may be in trouble.

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Jan 19, 2011
Re Cowboy Tradition
by: Paul Grossinger

I think that is a really interesting question to ask. But I don't actually think that is all on Garrett; it is on the players to prove they have old school grit. Almost every cowboy starter has talent but they don't all play hard. If that changes they will contend and if it doesn't no amount of coaching or free agency additions will fix it. The change will have to come from within a lot of those guys

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