1961 NBA Draft

First Round

Pick Team Player Position College
1 Chicago Packers Walt Bellamy C Indiana
2 New York Knicks Tom Stith F St. Bonaventure
3 Cincinnati Royals Larry Siegfried G Ohio State
4 Detroit Pistons Ray Scott F Portland
5 Los Angeles Lakers Wayne Yates F/C Memphis State
6 Syracuse Nationals Ben Warley F Tennessee State
7 Philadelphia Warriors Tom Meschery F St. Mary's (CA)
8 St. Louis Hawks Cleo Hill G Winston-Salem
9 Boston Celtics Gary Phillips G Houston

Second Round

Pick Team Player Position College
10 New York Knicks Whitey Martin G St. Bonaventure
11 Cincinnati Royals Bob Wiesenhahn F Cincinnati
12 Detroit Pistons Johnny Egan G Providence
13 Los Angeles Lakers Fred Sawyer C Louisville
14 Syracuse Nationals Chris Smith F Virginia Tech
15 Philadelphia Warriors Ted Luckenbill F Houston
16 St. Louis Hawks Ron Horn F Indiana
17 Boston Celtics Al Butler G Niagara
18 Chicago Packers John Turner F Louisville
19 Chicago Packers Jerry Graves F Mississippi State
20 Chicago Packers York Larese G North Carolina
21 Chicago Packers Don Kojis F Marquette
22 Chicago Packers Doug Moe F North Carolina
23 Chicago Packers Jeff Cohen F William & Mary

Third Round

Pick Team Player Position College
24 New York Knicks Tony Jackson G St. John's
25 Cincinnati Royals Bob Nordmann C St. Louis
26 Detroit Pistons Doug Kistler F Duke
27 Los Angeles Lakers Frank Burgess G Gonzaga
28 Syracuse Nationals Charles Osborne F Western Kentucky
29 Philadelphia Warriors Jack Egan F St. Joseph's (PA)
30 St. Louis Hawks Tom Chilton G East Tennessee
31 Boston Celtics Bill Depp F Vanderbilt
32 Chicago Packers Bill Bridges F Kansas

Fourth Round

Pick Team Player Position College
33 New York Knicks George Blaney G Holy Cross
34 Cincinnati Royals Lowery Kirk F Memphis State
35 Detroit Pistons George Finley C Tennessee A&I
36 Los Angeles Lakers Charles Henke F Missouri
37 Syracuse Nationals Henry Whitney F Iowa State
38 Philadelphia Warriors John Tidwell G Michigan
39 St. Louis Hawks Gus Guydon F Drake
40 Boston Celtics Carl Cole G Eastern Kentucky
41 Chicago Packers Roger Kaiser G Georgia Tech

Fifth Round

Pick Team Player Position College
42 New York Knicks Bill Smith   St. Peter's
43 Cincinnati Royals Rossie Johnson   Tennessee A&I
44 Detroit Pistons Dan Doyle   Belmont Abbey
45 Los Angeles Lakers Bill Lickert   Kentucky
46 Syracuse Nationals Don Jacobson   South Dakota
47 Philadelphia Warriors Bruce Spraggins   Virginia Union
48 St. Louis Hawks John Berberich   UCLA
49 Boston Celtics Bob DiStefano   North Carolina State
50 Chicago Packers Howie Carl   DePaul

Sixth Round

Pick Team Player Position College
51 New York Knicks Cleveland Buckner   Jackson State
52 Cincinnati Royals Bob Slobodnik   Duquesne
53 Detroit Pistons Lee Patrone   West Virginia
54 Los Angeles Lakers Bill McClintock   California
55 Syracuse Nationals Billy Price   New Mexico State
56 Philadelphia Warriors Dick Goldberg   Mississippi Southern
57 St. Louis Hawks Bob McDonald   Maryland
58 Boston Celtics Ned Twyman   Duquesne
59 Chicago Packers Dave Voss   Tulsa

Seventh Round

Pick Team Player Position College
60 New York Knicks Donnis Butcher   Pikeville
61 Cincinnati Royals Dave Zeller   Miami (OH)
62 Detroit Pistons Burt Price   Wittenberg
63 Los Angeles Lakers Albert Alamanza   Texas
64 Syracuse Nationals Roger Newman   Kentucky
65 Philadelphia Warriors Charles McNeil   Maryland
66 St. Louis Hawks Charles Riley   Winston-Salem
67 Boston Celtics Mel Klein   Aberdeen
68 Chicago Packers Ron Heller   Wichita

Eighth Round

Pick Team Player Position College
69 New York Knicks Cedrick Price   Kansas State
70 Cincinnati Royals Jerry Thelen   Villa Madonna
71 Detroit Pistons Walter Ward   Hampton Institute
72 Los Angeles Lakers Bill Ellis   UCLA
73 Syracuse Nationals Dave Mills   Seattle
74 Philadelphia Warriors Larry Swift   NE Missouri State
75 St. Louis Hawks Gene Velloff   Doane
76 Chicago Packers John Wessels   Illinois

Ninth Round

Pick Team Player Position College
77 New York Knicks Charles Bowman   Wabash
78 Cincinnati Royals Larry Krueger   Ohio
79 Detroit Pistons Peter Baltic   Penn State
80 Los Angeles Lakers Carl Anderson   Oregon State
81 Syracuse Nationals Rex Tippitt   Grambling
82 St. Louis Hawks Herbert Gray   North Carolina A&T
83 Chicago Packers Steve Strange   Southern Methodist

Tenth Round

Pick Team Player Position College
84 New York Knicks Ron Debillous   Wisconsin State Teachers
85 Cincinnati Royals Jack Waters   Mississippi
86 Detroit Pistons Wayne Monson   Northern Michigan
87 Los Angeles Lakers Robert Williams   Hancock
88 Syracuse Nationals Pete Chudy   Syracuse
89 Philadelphia Warriors Leo Hill   Cal State–Los Angeles
90 St. Louis Hawks Tom Faszholz   Concordia (MO)
91 Chicago Packers Larry Comley   Kansas State

Eleventh Round

Pick Team Player Position College
92 New York Knicks Kevin Loughery   St. John's
93 Cincinnati Royals Carl Short   Newberry
94 Detroit Pistons Richard Kraft   Brockport
95 Los Angeles Lakers Howard Hunt   Duke
96 Syracuse Nationals Dick Sammons   LeMoyne
97 Philadelphia Warriors Corky Whitrow   Georgetown (KY)
98 St. Louis Hawks Dick Kepley   North Carolina

Twelfth Round

Pick Team Player Position College
99 New York Knicks Earl Shultz   California
100 Cincinnati Royals George Patterson   Toledo
101 St. Louis Hawks Jackie Crawford   Centenary

Thirteenth Round

Pick Team Player Position College
102 New York Knicks Ned Jennings   Kentucky
103 Cincinnati Royals Clair McRoberts   Monmouth
104 St. Louis Hawks Howard Stacy   Louisville

Fourteenth Round

Pick Team Player Position College
105 New York Knicks Bill Engressor   LSU
106 Cincinnati Royals Carl Bouldin   Cincinnati

Fifteenth Round

Pick Team Player Position College
107 New York Knicks Vince Kempton   St. Joseph's (PA)

NBA Expansion Draft

Team Player Position Old Team
Chicago Packers Dave Budd F New York Knicks
Chicago Packers Barney Cable F Syracuse Nationals
Chicago Packers Gene Conley F/C Boston Celtics
Chicago Packers Ralph Davis G Cincinnati Royals
Chicago Packers Archie Dees F/C Detroit Pistons
Chicago Packers Andy Johnson G/F Philadelphia Warriors
Chicago Packers Bobby Leonard G Los Angeles Lakers
Chicago Packers Dave Piontek F/C St. Louis Hawks

*This was the first year that underclassmen were draft into the NBA. Before 1961 drafted players must have completed all four years of college.

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