1957 NBA Draft

First Round:

Pick Team Player Position College
1 Cincinnati Royals Rod Hundley G West Virginia
2 Detroit Pistons Charles Tyra C/F Louisville
3 Minneapolis Lakers Jim Krebs C SMU
4 St. Louis Hawks Win Wilfong G Memphis State
5 New York Knicks Brendan McCann G St. Bonaventure
6 Philadelphia Warriors Len Rosenbluth F  North Carolina
7 Syracuse Nationals George BonSalle C Illinois
8 Boston Celtics Sam Jones G North Carolina Central

Second Round:

Pick Team Player Position College
9 Cincinnati Royals Dick Duckett G St. John's
10 Detroit Pistons Bob McCoy F Grambling
11 Minneapolis Lakers Harvey Schmidt F Illinois
12 St. Louis Hawks Jim Palmer F Dayton
13 New York Knicks Larry Friend G/F California
14 Philadelphia Warriors Jack Sullivan F Mount St. Mary's
15 Syracuse Nationals Jim Morgan G Louisville
16 Boston Celtics Dick O'Neal F TCU

Third Round:

Pick Team Player Position College
17 Cincinnati Royals Jerry Paulson G Manhattan
18 Detroit Pistons Bill Ebben F Detroit Pistons roit
19 Minneapolis Lakers Jim Spivey F SE Oklahoma
20 St. Louis Hawks John Smyth F Notre Dame
21 New York Knicks Gary Clark G Syracuse
22 Philadelphia Warriors Angelo Lombardo F Manhattan
23 Syracuse Nationals Vince Cohen G Syracuse
24 Boston Celtics Chuck Schramm F Western Illinois

Fourth Round:

Pick Team Player Position College
25 Cincinnati Royals Jed Dormeyer F Minnesota
26 Detroit Pistons Kurt Englebert F St. Joseph's (PA)
27 Minneapolis Lakers George Brown F Wayne State
28 St. Louis Hawks Hank Nowak G Canisius
29 New York Knicks Rayford Wells F Lenoir Rhyne
30 Philadelphia Warriors  Ray Radziszewski F St. Joseph's (PA)
31 Syracuse Nationals Jerry Mallett F Baylor
32 Boston Celtics Jim Ashmore G Mississippi State

Fifth Round:

Pick Team Player Position College
33 Cincinnati Royals Stewart Murray   Lafayette
34 Detroit Pistons Ron Kramer   Michigan
35 Minneapolis Lakers Gary Thompson   Iowa State
36 St. Louis Hawks Al Rochelle   Vanderbilt
37 New York Knicks Lee Marshall   Washington & Lee
38 Philadelphia Warriors Jim Radcliffe   Lafayette
39 Syracuse Nationals Frank Nimmo   Cincinnati
40 Boston Celtics Grady Wallace   South Carolina

Sixth Round:

Pick Team Player Position College
41 Cincinnati Royals John Maglio   North Carolina State
42 Detroit Pistons Walt Acamushko   St. Francis (NY)
46 Minneapolis Lakers Phil Murrell   Drake
47 St. Louis Hawks Raymond Downs   Texas
48 New York Knicks Jim Humphreys   St. Michael's
49 Philadelphia Warriors Alonzo Lewis   La Salle
50 Syracuse Nationals Lyndon Lee   Oklahoma City
51 Boston Celtics Maurice King   Kansas

Seventh Round:

Pick Team Player Position College
52 Cincinnati Royals Chet Forte   Columbia
53 Detroit Pistons Carl Boldt   San Francisco
54 Minneapolis Lakers George Ferguson   Michigan
55 St. Louis Hawks Mason Pope   Kentucky Wesleyan
56 Philadelphia Warriors Max Jameson   Kentucky State
57 Syracuse Nationals Dick Gaines   Seton Hall
58 Boston Celtics Dick Brott   Denver

Eighth Round:

Pick Team Player Position College
59 Cincinnati Royals Bob Daniels   Western Kentucky
60 Detroit Pistons Doug Bolstorff   Minnesota
61 Minneapolis Lakers John Haaven   North Dakota
62 St. Louis Hawks Bill Darragh   Louisville
63 Philadelphia Warriors Woody Sauldsberry   Texas Southern
64 Syracuse Nationals Cebe Prince   Marshall
65 Boston Celtics Bill Von Weyhe   Rhode Island

Ninth Round:

Pick Team Player Position College
66 Cincinnati Royals Dick Heise   DePaul
67 Detroit Pistons Bob Lazor   Pittsburgh
68 Minneapolis Lakers Jim Sutton   North Dakota State
69 St. Louis Hawks Calvin Grosscup   Tulane
70 Philadelphia Warriors Steve Hamilton   Morehead State
71 Syracuse Nationals Jim Brown   Syracuse
72 Boston Celtics Joe Gibbon   Mississippi

Tenth Round:

Pick Team Player Position College
73 Cincinnati Royals Mel Wright   Oklahoma A&M
74 Minneapolis Lakers Gordon Fosness   Dakota Wesleyan
75 St. Louis Hawks Bobby Mills   SMU
76 Philadelphia Warriors Jerry Calvert   Kentucky
77 Syracuse Nationals Jack Nichols    Colgate
78 Boston Celtics Jack Butcher   Memphis State

Eleventh Round:

Pick Team Player Position College
79 Cincinnati Royals Cliff Hafer   North Carolina State
80 St. Louis Hawks Gerald Dreier   Macalaster
81 Boston Celtics Dick Neal   Indiana

Twelfth Round:

Pick Team Player Position College
82 Cincinnati Royals Jim Boothe    Xavier (OH)
83 St. Louis Hawks Bob Seitz   North Carolina State
84 Syracuse Nationals Jim Weeks   New York Tech

Thirteenth Round:

Pick Team Player Position College
85 St. Louis Hawks Ed Romanoff   None

Fourteenth Round:

Pick Team Player Position College
86 St. Louis Hawks Lavelle Langston   Northwestern State

Supplemental Picks:

Pick Team Player Position College
1 Philadelphia Warriors Jerry Gibson   None
2 Boston Celtics Dan Tobin   Florida Southern

*This was the first year that underclassmen were draft into the NBA. Before 1957 drafted players must have completed all four years of college.

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